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Analytics play an important role to understand or plan anything in this world. If you know average fuel efficiency of your vehicle, you can predict, how far you can go with what you have. In addition, if your vehicle is capable of showing the real-time fuel economy, you can optimise the distance you travel with the same amount of fuel. Likewise, insights based on robust analytics (real-time as well as after campaign) can help brands take right business decisions to get better Marketing's Return on Investment (MROI).

Our customer intelligence analytics platform helps you carry out solutions like couponing, referrals, on-pack activations and more

At Helo, we specialise in:

  • Data Preparation.
  • Segmentation & Clustering.
  • Descriptive Analytics.
  • Predictive Analytics.
  • Optimisation Analytics.

We gather data from various data sources, run this data through analytical engine—based on KPIs, clustering & profiling and statistical modelling—to generate business insights. These insights have proven extremely instrumental for our clients in understanding things like channel efficacy and consumer behaviour for various stimuli.

All this helps you in making insight led, informed media planning and buying decisions.

Our analytics platform lets you evaluate your campaigns in real-time and across all ATL—TV, Radio, and Print—and BTL—on ground promotions, in-mall activations and courier delivered samples—channels. This helps you in finding out, which channel is performing better. If channel A is performing relatively well than other channels then, an informed decision of shifting the spend to this channel could be taken, to maximise ROI.

Helo Analytics dashboard gives you the power to take data-driven logical decisions about your upcoming projects/campaigns, so that you spend less and gain more.

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